This section describes the governance and the structure of the Law Department.

The Department is headed by a Director, who represents it for all legal purposes, granting its autonomy and cultural unity.

In order to fulfil its institutional functions, the Department is provided with organizational and administrative autonomy, extended to all expenditures, as well as to contracts and conventions, both with private and public actors. Autonomy does not extend to any kind of general provisions, as well as to measures that are reserved to other bodies and administrations, identified according to the Statute of Sapienza University.

The Governance of the Department is structured as follows:

  • Director – Head of the Department
  • Department Council
  • Department Commission

The Director manages the Department together with a Delegated Administrative Officer (R.A.D.), who is also jointly responsible for administrative and accounting activities.

The internal functioning of the Department is governed by an internal Regulation, that can be read here (PDF - Italian only).


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